Browser Helper Object

Browser Helper Object

A BHO is a DLL that attaches itself to every new instance of Internet Explorer
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In order to attach to a running instance of Internet Explorer, you can use a "Browser Helper Object." A "Browser Helper Object" is a DLL that will attach itself to every new instance of Internet Explorer 4.0. You can use this feature to gain access to the object model of a particular running instance of Internet Explorer.
There are some requirements when creating a Browser Helper Object
The application that you create must be an in-proc server (that is, DLL).
This DLL must implement IObjectWithSite.
The IObjectWithSite::SetSite() method must be implemented. It is through this method that your application receives a pointer to Internet Explorer's IUnknown. (Internet Explorer actually passes a pointer to IWebBrowser2 but the implementation of SetSite() receives a pointer to IUnknown.) You can use this IUnknown pointer to automate Internet Explorer or to sink events from Internet Explorer.
It must be registered as a Browser Helper Object as described above.
WARNING: Internet Explorer will create an instance of each Browser Helper Object listed in the registry every time a new instance of Internet Explorer is started. This means that if you have Active Desktop installed, the Browser Helper Objects will be loaded every time you open a new folder as well as when the browser itself is started.

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